Unlike most companies in the sector, which resort to the rental of equipment or even of entire crews depending on the case, the company “MARKOUDIS” Technical Infrastructure Works and Earthworks – Crane and Hoisting Machinery, invests significant amounts of money in the acquisition of modern, proprietary equipment.

 At the same time, we ensure the excellent technical training of our staff with continuous training and seminars on technical, safety and environmental issues.

In this way we ensure the successful completion of every project we undertake.

Having a modern fleet of vehicles and machinery and, above all, highly qualified human resources, we have the ability, experience and knowledge to respond to each project consistently in terms of its schedule, the financial budget of the client and the environment.


Κατεδαφίσεις κτιρίων

Κατασκευές δρόμων

Αντιπλημμυρικά έργα

Mεταφορά και πώληση αδρανών υλικών

Βαθιές εκσαφές κτιρίων

Demolition of buildings

Construction of roads

Sewerage networks

Transport of rubble

Transport and sale of aggregates

Construction of fields

Rental of skips

Construction and sale of manholes

Deep excavations for buildings

Hoisting of heavy objects