About the company

About the company Markoudis LTD.

The company “MARKOUDIS” Technical Infrastructure Works and Earthworks – Crane and Hoisting Machinery, was founded 30 years ago in Pylaia, Thessaloniki, and is based in privately owned facilities of a total area of 10,000 m2 at the 18th km of the THESSALONIKI-MOUDANIA National Roadhessaloniki-Moudanion National Road Neo Ryssio 57001, at Neo Rysio.


Showing consistency and high standard works in every project that we undertake, we have quickly established ourselves as one of the best known and fastest growing companies in the sector, enjoying the trust of a large base of customers and partners.

With a view to immediately serving the needs that arise, our company renews and modernizes its fleet, in an effort to meet the requirements even of the most demanding projects.


Knowing the requirements of our industry and with interpersonal relationships as our main concern, we invest in finding solutions, which are intertwined with the factors of reliability, speed and economy.