Construction of a Wind Farm

Wind Farm at Pisoderi, Florina

About the project

Construction of roads and of 34 bases, a project in which, due to the limited time for its completion, our company used its own mechanical means in order to meet the requirements of the precise schedule of the 3-month project.

Related Projects

Construction of a hydroponic type greenhouse unit of an area of 110,000 square meters at Petrousa, Drama

A project in which the capabilities of our company were tested was the removal of 500,000 cubic meters of soil with the use of excavators and explosives.

Demolition of buildings at the Hellinikon Airport

With our many years of experience, reliability and consistency we managed to gain the trust of our partners and to be the company that would start the first demolitions of the buildings of the Hellinikon Airport.

Construction of a road section on the Ε-65 motorway

A project with great demands in which our company constructed a large section of the Ε-65 motorway from Anavra to Xyniada